Questions to Ask Yourself..........

1. Do you want to create and implement methodologies and systems that can enhance efficiency and organisation?


2. Do you want to creat a network of business or supplier contacts?


3. Do you want a 'short cut' to know how. Knowledge and information that does not exist currently in your organisation.?


4. Do you want solutions to specific challenges and situations?


5. Do you want ideas already created in the organisation to be validated.?


6. Do you want a professional service that does not currently exist in the organisation, or that is needed for a specific period of time?


7. Do you want someone to analyse, diagnose and criticise constructively your organisation ?


8. Do .you want to bring an experienced 'outsider' to evaluate and give points of view?


9. Do you want to work with people that are creative and not are tenacious?


10. Do you want to work with people that are full of life, positive and driven?







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